Our iBs Full Body Sauna Sweat Suit Body Shaper Sleeveless is a sweat-suit that can be worn while working out to target body fat, promote perspiration, and diminish cellulite. It is a fan favorite for its comfort and versatility. 

The underbust & mid to high-thigh design holds your back, tummy, buttock, and thighs for smoother curves. Designed with special neoprene smart fabrics technology that increases core temperature helping your body sweat, sweat, sweat & sweat more while wearing them during daily activities. 

Thermal Body Shaping clothing can be worn while active regardless of what you are doing. It is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your workout, burn fat and expedite calorie burning. The outer texture absorbs sweat, moisture and lowers down your weight. And you're always dry on the outside.

Sauna full body shaper is soft and high elastic, exclusive cellular airpnece helping to both auto-regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable, while the thermal layer speeds-up your body's calorie burning processes. 

Neoprene body shaper speeds-up your metabolism. Underbust & mid to high-Thigh Designed, Holds Your Back, Tummy, Buttock & Thighs for a Smooth Curve.

It produces sweat as you move, which results in fast calorie burn and rapid water weight loss. The elastic material is super thin, but still provides top notch thermal control, resulting in calorie loss. Many people hold excessive water weight, but our product will eliminate those extra pounds. Fat toxins will disappear, and you will see a slimmer and trimmer body!

It may sound impossible, but the waist trainer belt can actually shed the appearance of up to two sizes off your waist by slimming the abdomen! Try it for extra compression for a more defined waistline and hourglass shape. Choose your level of compression with the special clip design which allows you expand or contract to get the silhouette you're after.

Made from 100% latex-free neoprene, Hot neoprene has excellent stretch properties, which allows freedom of movement while you're working out. The slim, compression fabric makes it undetectable under whatever you?re wearing. A bonus is that it can be worn over any regular or sports bra of your choice. Can be used for sports, yoga, belly abdomen corset etc. It will promote your weight loss.

iBs Full Body Sauna Sweat Suit Shaper Sleeveless




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